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Mixed Martial Arts champion Jeff Monson has formed a company to establish a number of business lines he envisions together with his partners.

Monson Productions will operate Mixed Martial Arts schools in Russia and internationally, produce fight-related television shows, and manufacture Jeff Monson sporting goods. Its charitable arm will help Jeff pursue a personal interest that’s long been special to him: helping underprivileged children. He has become known for giving free fight training to orphans, for example.

Jeff is already looking for corporate partners and sponsors to help him build the company, which will become his main pursuit after he quits fighting.

He plans to start his first Mixed Martial Arts training academy in Russia soon, and, once it’s rolling, to open schools across the nation and around the world.

The fact that Russian fight fans, and much of the Russian public, adore him has led to several mayors asking him to start schools in their cities.

He now is faced with the enviable dilemma of “where to open the (first) school because we have so many offers.”

The main focus of the schools will be teaching self-defense, he says. “It increases your confidence and your ability to deal with unpredictable situations.”

If he can groom some of his trainees into championship-caliber fighters, so much the better.

“My goal is to open a school and then another school and another school. It is not business — it is not about making money. Of course I have a family, I want to support myself, but my dream is to support children and see them excited. It is about them competing and growing up and having a healthy lifestyle and then have confidence in themselves. That is my dream.”

He has long had an affinity for lending a hand to children. In fact, his first job after earning a master’s degree in psychology was as a family and child psychologist. “I’m interested in helping all children, but especially those in problematic situations,” he says.

Producing fight-related television shows will be a natural for Jeff. Many of his bouts have been televised internationally, so he has attained an intimate knowledge of what’s involved in their production.

Making sporting goods is another natural for Jeff. He is likely to start with fighting gear, such as boxing gloves and fight apparel, and branch into all kinds of sporting equipment and garb.

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