Mixed Martial Arts champion Jeff Monson is looking for partners and sponsors that want to earn financial and reputation rewards for being associated with his new enterprise, Monson Productions.

The company plans to open Jeff Monson Mixed Martial Arts training facilities around the world, manufacture a line of Jeff Monson sporting goods, and create a production company to broadcast fighting events across the globe.

Partners will invest in the company in return for a financial stake that entitles them to a share of the profits.

An example of a partnership would be a company or individual that teamed with Monson Productions to open a Jeff Monson Mixed Arts training facility or gymnasium.

Another example would be a sporting-goods manufacturer that partnered with Monson Productions to produce a Jeff Monson line of sports equipment and apparel.

Sponsors will make a financial commitment to be part of a Monson Productions-related event.

One example would be sponsoring a Jeff Monson Mixed Martial Arts international tournament. Another would be sponsoring a fight that Monson Productions is broadcasting.

In addition to financial benefits, Monson Productions partners and sponsors will obtain reputation benefits. This includes recognition they receive for teaming with an international sports celebrity and recognition for participating in Monson Production charitable events.

Jeff Monson has gained widespread admiration for doing charitable events for underprivileged children and others. He would be delighted for partners and sponsors to take part in these events with him, doing good and reaping the reputation rewards.

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